Then there are the MAGA / covidiots in management on top of this.

Then there are the MAGA / covidiots in management on top of this. packing and shipping job description When I first applied a year ago, I applied for a day position.

With better management, fairly decisions and growing opportunities they will have more happy employees. Every day I have to make corrections was the last shift do not do. Sometimes I do not have spare parts to make corrections and this is stressful. Friendship also make a stressful work environment because friendship is first than the work efficiency. Dispensary close at 12 AM so night shift workers have not a nurse or medicine in case of any accident or situation. In resume morning shift have better quality work environment than the evening shift and evening shift have better quality work environment than the night shift. Weekend shift also have the same problems as a night shift or maybe worst because they works 12 hours without dispensary and without cafeteria.

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The Mentors who are your trainers are overworked to begin with and have to find time to work with a new writer. It would be great to have Mentors that can work solely with a new writer, but the job demands too much time and energy for this to be possible. There isn’t enough time in the day to complete the task, you will have to go in early and stay late to collect all the data you need. There is no clear standard or direction for completing an investigation. There is no accountability for the people who initiate an investigation, often you will be left struggling to find evidence or conduct interviews. When you have a report written, a Mentor or Reviewer tells you that you need more, or that the report needed to follow a different direction alltogether.

  • The constant standing is fine, the work is repetitive with an extremely small chance of advancement.
  • Sbt-docker provides more customization abilities, while the DockerPlugin in this project integrates more directly with predefined archetypes.
  • Free parking, facilities security, they make free lunch and dinner for special occasions, free turkey and cheese with ham for thanksgiving and Christmas and perfect assistance compensation.
  • Some people will tell on you when you ask them simplest questions.
  • We have no space in locker rooms to change and are forced to take our stuff home.

Please feel free to contribute documentation, or raise issues where you feel it may be lacking. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. You can leave your email address and we will send you an email when there is a new Case Packer job post. Must be able to stand/walk for up to 6 hours at a time. Position you start at, they make sure to keep at. Some pocket change is directly deposited into my checking account every Friday.


Overall, the company as a whole is not much better. This is a generic pharmaceutical company so the bottom line is how many vials they get out the door. People talk a lot about team, team, team but they don’t care.

Does not allow you to work in your own paste and puts extreme pressure on tasks that are not due at that particular time. The environment is overall ok and people seem nice but you have to be very careful who you say what to. 85% of the year is blocked of for planning and budget. If you are in the Chemistry field, don’t even bother applying here. All of your assignments and the time spent doing them is accounted for and scrutinized by a computer software program. You are treated like a little kid, not an adult, with daily shift meetings where your supervisor asks you what you are working on. Goals are not realistic, laboratory safety is a joke, and the entire laboratory management staff is unfriendly and incompetent.

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We believe in cultivating growth in all that we do, from the growth of our business to the personal and professional growth and enrichment of our teams. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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Everything has to be done in a certain way or you hear a comment along the lines of thats not how i would do it and lets do it this way. You waste doing tasks that will be changed anyways by the Manager.

Attention to detail and inventory management are key in this role. We believe in setting the standard by providing our customers with carefully curated products and high-performing, knowledgeable team members to ensure a quality experience with every interaction. Actually train employees to do what they’re supposed to be doing instead of making them sweep all day, also stop announcing daily overtime the day of because you want to stay ahead. Sbt-dockerThis is in addition to the built-in Docker Plugin from sbt-native. Sbt-docker provides more customization abilities, while the DockerPlugin in this project integrates more directly with predefined archetypes.

There is a lot of turnover in the department attributed these reasons. They overwork you and don’t give you any respect. Management is so arrogant, they don’t even acknowledge you when you pass them in the halls.

In the Sterile Core, you are told to move and work aseptically, but the production supervisor tells you to do the opposite of what Quality says. The constant standing is fine, the work is repetitive with an extremely small chance of advancement. They have a great tuition reimbursement program, but the 12 hr, 2 day on, 2 day off with alternating weekends makes it very tough to take advantage. You either have class in the morning, take a small nap, then work 12 hours, or miss every other class. The Company is also not closed on major holidays, so you will most likely have to work. You are told that you are being hired to just run a machine, then, once hired, you are required to learn to sanitize and setup the machine. Urbn Leaf is an innovative company recognized for shattering stereotypes and setting new standards within the cannabis industry.

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With a focus on consumer education and staff training, we are working to change the perceptions of cannabis. From the thoughtfully curated collection of products down to the modern, strategic layouts of each location, every detail is designed with the customer experience in mind. We believe that each and every customer deserves to be treated with compassion backed with expertise and appreciation. Our Case Packers support our delivery operations by ensuring all cases are fully stocked and ready for each driver shift.

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